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Physiotherapist at Your Practice

your GP practice offers direct access to a physiotherapist without the need to visit your GP first and same-day appointments are often available.

Project Overview

Did you know that physiotherapists are part of a wider team of health professionals working in your practice?

This means that your GP practice offers direct access to a physiotherapist without the need to visit your GP first. What’s more, same-day appointments are often available.

How the project works

Contact your practice to make an appointment with your physiotherapist.

The physiotherapist can assess any joint or muscle problem, such as back pain, shoulder pain or knee pain.

During the appointment, they will examine the area and advise on the best treatment for the problem. This will usually be advice regarding exercises for you to do at home.  It is very important that you complete these exercises regularly for the treatment to be effective.

If you require further specialist treatment with the GP or health board musculoskeletal team (the team that care for muscles, bones and joints) you will be referred.

Project Aim

If you are suffering with a condition, such as back pain for example, being able to bypass your GP and go straight to a physiotherapist allows you to receive care and advice from the most appropriate person for your medical condition.

It also speeds up the process by cutting out the need for a referral from your GP. This benefits you, your practice and other patients too by freeing up your GP, so they can treat those who need to see them most.

Project Outcome

  • 96% of patients felt it was easy to book an appointment
  • 93% of patients noted there is adequate choice in relation to date and time of appointment
  • 100% of patients were either satisfied or very satisfied that their condition was dealt with effectively

Patient Feedback

“Good explanations given with advice and exercises”

“Not having to see the doctor frees up time and they do not have to refer you to a physiotherapist, this speeds up time and helps you get the treatment you need”

“It was very nice and convenient to be able to come for treatment all under one roof”

For more information, please contact your surgery.

To learn more, view our introduction to Ben, a physiotherapist that works within the cluster.