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Dental Health

Good dental hygiene habits will prevent future, more serious issues, such as decay or tooth loss.

Good dental hygiene habits will prevent future, more serious issues, such as decay or tooth loss.

Getting into the habit of practicing good dental hygiene as part of your daily routine, will mean you are on top of your oral health and your risk of issues in the future will be reduced.

Regularly removing plaque and keeping an eye on your diet will keep your mouth in good health at home. You should also be seeing your dentist for check-ups when recommended.

How to keep your teeth healthy

  • Brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day.
  • Floss between teeth which are close together and use an interdental brush for larger gaps.
  • Make your lifestyle more teeth-friendly, by cutting down on sugar, not smoking and eating a balanced diet.
  • Regular dental check-ups, for adults and children, will encourage you to keep on top of your dental hygiene.

Dental Health

Patient living in Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board area

If you require a new NHS dental practice, please click on the link below and complete the form you will then be added to the CTMUHB waiting list.

Please complete 1 form per patient.

If you are in pain and require an urgent appointment, please contact the CTMUHB dental helpline on 0300 123 5060.

Iechyd Deintyddol

Claf yn byw yn ardal Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Cwm Taf Morgannwg

Os oes angen practis deintyddol GIG newydd arnoch, cliciwch ar y ddolen isod a chwblhewch y ffurflen a chewch eich ychwanegu at restr aros Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Hywel Dda.

Cwblhewch 1 ffurflen newydd pop person.

Os ydych mewn poen ac angen apwyntiad brys, cysylltwch â llinell gymorth ddeintyddol Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Cwm Taf ar 0300 123 5060.

Members Directory

Find local support from organisations and healthcare experts

Welsh Government Dental Health Services

Support and Services

  • A range of resources for seeking guidance and treatment of dental health issues within Wales.

NHS: Take care of your teeth and gums

Support and Services

  • The NHS’ guidance for keeping yours and your children’s teeth in good health.

Cwm Taf Dental Helpline

Support and Services

01443 680166

  • Community helpline, open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday telephone 01443 680166/168. For evenings, weekends and bank holidays only 0300 123 5060

Charities & organisations

Local charities and organisations who you can reach out to.


Charities and Organisations

+44 (0) 1794 324249

  • Sending out teams of volunteer dental professionals from the UK to countries in need of dental care services.

Dental Wellness Trust

Charities and Organisations

  • Helping to bring dental health resources to children in the UK and across the globe.

Oral Health Foundation

Charities and Organisations

+44(0) 1788 546 365

  • A charity dedicated to providing advice on dental health and to improving oral health and wellbeing to those who need it.