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Perinatal Mental Health: Support Before, During & After Pregnancy

Perinatal Mental Health Support Merthyr


Are you getting ready for a baby, currently pregnant or recently given birth? It’s a time of big changes and looking after your mental and physical health is vital.

The Ups and Downs of Expecting

Having a baby brings a mix of feelings. While it’s often a happy time, many people also feel uncertain, worried or in severe cases can suffer from depression, but help is available.

Medication Advice

If you’re taking medicine for your mental health but are thinking about stopping or changing medicine, it’s really important to speak with your GP first. They can give you advice that’s safe for you and your baby.

Support Services

From health & well-being, through to special support for refugee & asylum seeker women, there’s a whole range of support available to you, including:

The Birth Partner Project: this important project provides trained volunteer birth partners to offer companionship and practical support to refugee and asylum seeker women.

Lullaby Project Cymru – Live Music Now: this service brings people together through music and is designed to improve the health and wellbeing of mothers and babies whilst promoting child and parent bonding through music-making.

Parent-Infant Foundation: this service supports the development, growth and quality of specialised parent-infant relationship teams.

Pregnancy in Mind: this is a preventative mental health service that supports parents-to-be who are at risk of, or currently experiencing anxiety and depression during their pregnancy.

You can find more helpful resources by downloading the leaflets below: